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Evaluation of daily Laurus nobilis tea consumption on anxiety and stress biomarkers in healthy volunteers

C. Chbili, M. Maoua, M. Zaouali, M. Selmi, I. Kacem, N. Mrizek, M. Nouira, M. Jihene, K. Hedi, M. Ben Fredj


Laurus nobilis is known in the field of herbal medicine and in vitro studies for its antibacterial, antifungal, anti- diabetes, and anti-inflammatory beneficial effects. Laurus nobilis tea consumption was investigated with regard to its effects on anxiety and stress in healthy individuals, measured by subjective tools and by plasmatic cortisol levels. The study included thirty healthy Tunisian volunteers aged between 20 and 57 years consuming Laurus nobilis infusion, prepared from 5g of dried Laurus nobilis leaves in 100 ml boiled water, once a day during 10 days. Plasma concentrations of serum cortisol were measured before Laurus nobilis consumption and at the end of the experiment. Laurus nobilis tea consumption significantly decreased the concentration of plasmatic cortisol ([cortisol] D0= 93.5± 43.01ng/mL, D11=72.23± 25.37, p=0.001). A statistically significant decrease in PSS and STAI scores (p=0.006 and p=0.002 respectively) was also noted.
These findings highlight the decrease in blood cortisol levels, which means a possible positive effect on reducing the risk of stress related-diseases in healthy volunteers consuming Laurus nobilis tea. However, more powerful studies with extended treatment periods are required.


Biomarkers; Cortisol; Laurus nobilis;Stress; Anxiety

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